Web Design Ireland and Web Development Roscommon, Leitrim and Longford Ireland. A Web Development and Web Design company in Ireland, Websmiths Web Design offers professional web design and Web Development services as well Hosting and Domain Names Registration and Website Solutions for Roscommon, Leitrim, Longford and all of Ireland.

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Websmiths are a web site design and web development company based on the Roscommon/Leitrim Border. We've been designing, programming and promoting web sites since 2000. If you need a web site, call us for a quote.

Search Engine Optimistation.


I have found Websmiths to be a pleasure to deal with. They have an excellent level of customer service. Any problems we encountered were dealt with instantly.
Kieran Leavy
MD ,Leavy and Associates Auctioneers

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A website works best as part of an integrated advertising strategy with other media types - radio, television, print and so on. These media will drive traffic to your website. The next best way to drive traffic to your web site is through search engnes, which is where search engine optimisation comes in. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, means adding keywords in specific places on your site to generate the best result in search engines. Other factors that influence search engine positioning are external links to your site, the amount of pages on yours site, site title and even the domain name.

Keyword Placement
Keywords are words that search engines use to identify your business. For example, if you wanted to find information on flights from Dublin to London you could put 'flights' into a search engine but this would return a range of site too wide to be of any great value. If you enter 'flights Dublin London' you'll get more specific results. The top ranking pages in Google would have the keywords 'Flights', 'Dublin' and 'London' in the code and content of the site. Larger sites would generally be in higher positions than smaller, and the top sites would have good quality external links to their site. With keywords, less is more - if you sell a hundred different products and use keywords for each the keywords become diluted. If you use a general category you'll get much higher placements for the selected keywords and phrases.

Websmiths work in conjunction with you to choose the best keywords for your website. We'll add the agreed keywords to the specific areas of the site, and to the content wherever possible. We add useful descriptions and titles to the site to get the best placement possible.

Google Adwords
Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising option for advertising on Google and partnered sites. When your site is first built it may take some time to reach it's final ranking with Google, and if you want to generate traffic immediately then Google Adwords is a cost-effective method of promoting your website. Simply put, you create an ad for your website, choose keywords or phrases that you want associated with the ad and then choose a bid amount. When a user clicks through to your website, the bid amount is taken from your account. The placement of your ad depends on the bid amount that you propose - bear in mind that there could be many other organisations bidding for the same phrase and the highest bid wins.

Websmiths can set up your adwords account for you, or offer advice on how to proceed with it. You can continue the campaign for as long as you deem necessary, and you can change your ads, keywords and bids at any time. Adwords advertisements usually appear to the right of the standard listings and sometimes on top of the listings.

Google Analytics
Google analytics are statistics that present information about the visitors to your site. Full web site statistics are available with our Hosting Package, but Google analytics are geared solely towards the Google Search Engine and are useful for tracking your web sites performance in Google. Google Analytics are easily set up - you'll need a Google account and we'll go through the process with you. We then add some code provided by Google to each page in your site and you can log in to your Google account and track vistors.

All web sites designed by Websmiths are optimised for search engines, particularly Google, and our record will speak for itself. We can advise on Adwords and Analytics are included free of charge with all of our websites. Please note that you must provide the code supplied by Google - again, we'll advise on how to obtain this code.

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