Online Applications Bespoke Programming for your website.

We can program it.

Online applications are for when you want a website that will do more than a brochure or CMS website. E-commerce websites are a type of online application, they can keep track of inventory, payments, customers and so on.

In a nutshell, online applications allow you to keep track of information. For example some years ago we wrote a property rental management for a customer that allowed him to keep track of all of the rental properties on his books. He could track rental payments and schedule maintenance on properties, and calculate payments to landlords each month. We've also built websites and online applications for fitness programs to track franchisees, bookings and classes, file management and booking systems for boat rental companies and adventure centres.

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So What's Next?

Needs Analysis

The first thing is to find out what you want from your website. Do you want to sell online or just tell people what a great company you have? We'll meet, face to face or online and discuss the best way to proceed with your website

Template Design

The next step is to find something that you like. We'll design a template and send it on to you for approval. We'll then work together to tweak the template until you're happy with the look and feel of the website.

Your Website

Once the template is accepted we'll get to work on programming your website. Pretty soon you'll have a great website, live and online to tell people all about you and what you do.